Yoga Mat Bags – Top 10 Bags of 2017

Yoga mats can be pretty difficult to lug around. The thicker and longer it is, the heavier it gets. But fear not! There’s a reason why yoga mat bags are in the market. It keeps your yoga mat safely rolled up and can be easily slung over your shoulder when you’re not using it. However, before you invest in the best yoga mat bag, we just have a few pointers that you might want to consider beforehand.

Our Top 5 Yoga Mat Bags (Updated for 2017):

Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag Turquoise Bird


Brand-box Yoga Mat Bag Multi-Purpose Adjustable Shoulder Bag Handbag Tote Bags (Black)



Kenzyo Yoga Mat Bag and Carrier - with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets, Adjustable Shoulder Strap,...


Yoga Mat Bag by NewK Yoga – Full Zip, Waterproof, Sling Bag with Expandable Pockets – Fits All...


Why buy a yoga mat bag?

Since a yoga mat is a smart investment, you must also take extra measures to ensure that it’ll last long. The first step to that is getting a yoga mat bag that’s perfect for you. The right one will protect your yoga mat and at the same time, make it easier for you to carry it around. You will also need to think about all the other stuff that you take to your yoga classes, so your bag will need to be spacious enough.

The different styles of yoga mat bags

yoga mat bag

There are three common styles for yoga mat bags: the simple harness and sling type, the traditional type, and the duffel type. These three are different from each other and you have to take a look into their purpose before stepping ahead and getting one.

The harness and sling type is just like that—a harness and sling that will keep your yoga mat from unraveling and at the same time, allows you to sling it around your shoulder to carry it around. Get a mat harness if you want a sleeve to slip on to your yoga mat as well. These are the most lightweight out of the bunch with straps that have cushions on them. This is perfect if you want your yoga mat to air-dry after a session and they’re also the most adjustable thanks to Velcro straps.

The traditional type is pretty much just a sleeve with a zipper and a harness for your yoga mat. It’s more stylish compared to the harness and sling type since it comes in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Most of these are the right fit for the standard size of yoga mats, but larger ones are also available.

If you’re a total pack rat and want enough room for extra stuff along with your yoga mat, get a yoga duffel bag. This type has enough pockets and room for your things and can even hold thicker and longer yoga mats.

For the creative types, you’re free to create your own kind of yoga mat bag. The sky’s the limit, especially if you can’t find something that suits your personal tastes. This is the best option for those who have their own unique take on things.

How big should it be?

For some people, shopping for something is usually quite easy, but not when you need something that’s as specific as stuff for yoga. The yoga mat bags that you’ll see in physical stores will more often than not only hold standard-sized yoga mats and will usually fall apart after a couple of months or so. If you really want something for the long term, get one that’s made out of a thicker material and has the right measurements for your yoga mat. Don’t skimp on your yoga mat bag and make sure you bring along your yoga mat when you’re getting one—to ensure that you’re getting the right size and correct material.

Breathability of the yoga mat bag

Since most yogis are earth-friendly, it’s natural to be concerned about the material that yoga stuff are made of. You’re going to want a yoga mat bag that will let your yoga mat breathe. If you don’t really like seeing air holes on your yoga mat bag, then get one that’s made out of breathable material to ensure that your yoga mat doesn’t develop bacteria. You wouldn’t want to unravel your yoga mat after a long day only to smell something pungent coming out of your yoga mat bag because of the material its made of. The best option if to find one that’s made out of cotton, nylon, and/or linen since it will allow for air to circulate inside the bag and at the same time, won’t add extra weight. As for those who like having a clean yoga mat bag, get a canvas one as it’s very easy to chuck into the washing machine after use.

To save or splurge?

It’s so darn easy to just purchase a yoga mat bag because it comes in your favorite color or the fact that the pattern looks so cute or awesome and it comes at a very low price. Don’t be fooled by how it looks like and how much it is, because you will really need to look into other factors before hitting “add to cart”.

You may find something that seems perfect because it’s cheap and comes in your favorite color, but what if it’s made out of crappy material or that there are actually so many bad reviews of it online that no one really wants to buy it anymore. On the other hand, just because it costs an arm and a leg doesn’t mean it has premium features. Sometimes, the ones that are in the middle of the pricing spectrum are the ones that hit all the right points.

Don’t be scared of comparing products beforehand. It is much easier and less expensive to make a one-time smart purchase instead of buying yoga mat bag after yoga mat bag during your process of searching for the right one. Trust us on this one. We’re here to give you a guide on doing things properly and we won’t lead you astray.

Will it last or not?

Regardless if you’re a dedicated yogi or just a casual meditator, you have to always buy things that will handle the constant wear and tear. Good things don’t have to be exorbitantly expensive, but they shouldn’t fall apart after a few weeks of using. You should find a yoga mat bag with a durable material—and yes, even if it’s made out of something natural, it could still last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.

Sure, a certain yoga mat bag may have 5-star reviews everywhere and then suddenly it falls apart while you’re using it doesn’t mean that it’s poorly made. Sometimes, it’s all about how you take care of stuff. There’s a reason why care instructions come with every purchase of an item for yoga—because these manufacturers know how to make their own products last.

That being said, make sure that when you get a specific yoga mat bag, you would also take good care of it as you would with your yoga mat. These things need time and love for them to stick with you in the long run. You can have a cheap yoga mat bad made out of an unwieldy material and it would still last a lifetime if you’re meticulous when it comes to maintaining it. And at the same time, you can purchase the most expensive one out there and it would still get destroyed if you’re careless.

And fret not, while the “perfect” yoga mat bag for one may not be the right for you, there’s going to be the “one” out there that will hit all your wants and needs. Plus, even if we provide you with the basic pointers, you’re still the boss of you.

Best Yoga Mat Bags of 2017

The yoga mat bags listed below were chosen based on their average user rating on e-commerce websites. We’ve also provided our own rating based on the pointers we’ve mentioned in this article and if it does indeed live up to the hype.

Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag Turquoise Bird
332 Reviews
Peace Yoga Air Vent Yoga Mat Bag Turquoise Bird
This one comes with 16 different colors and patterns, so you’ll probably have a harder time trying to choose which one to get. They’re perfect for the stylish yogi. But that’s not the only thing you’ll love about this. The bag has eyelets that serve as air vents to let your yoga mat air out after a session. And another awesome thing about this is the fact that it’s made out of 100% cotton and very easy to clean.


Rating: 10/10


There was a lone review on Amazon about how this bag had frayed sides after using it for a while, but let’s not let bring the whole experience down. You can’t please everybody, no?

Peace Yoga has a 90-day money back guarantee and assures customers that their products are low-priced and high quality. Definitely get this one if you want the bang for your buck. You get an excellently made product, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, plus it’s been getting so many praises online. What else will you want?

While it only fits the standard size of yoga mats, keep in mind that it’s quite difficult to find a yoga mat bag that will hit all of the right points.

Brand-box Yoga Mat Bag Multi-Purpose Adjustable Shoulder Bag Handbag Tote Bags (Black)
16 Reviews
Brand-box Yoga Mat Bag Multi-Purpose Adjustable Shoulder Bag Handbag Tote Bags (Black)
If you’re a huge fan of pockets and compartments, then go for BUBM’s yoga mat bag. Seriously, take a look at it and tell us if that won’t hold all of your stuff for you. Still think the space is not enough? It has an expandable front compartment for you to add more stuff in it. You can probably even fit a small dog in there if your yoga mat won’t take up too much space. But for real, pack in your yoga mat, your water bottle, an extra towel, and a change of clothes and you’d probably still have space to fill up.


Rating: 10/10


Just like with Peace Yoga’s yoga mat bag, BUBM did something right with their Yoga Roll Pack. It’s big enough to hold two yoga mats and then some. People who have written review for the product has praised it for all the space that it has. So you can go from the gym to wherever you want in a jiffy because you can just easily pack an extra change of clothes or two within the bag. And at that price, it’s still not too expensive for its durability and the amount of stuff it could fit.

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffel Bag Carrier Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper (Karma)
542 Reviews
Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffel Bag Carrier Patterned Canvas with Pocket and Zipper (Karma)
Kindfolk’s yoga mat duffel bag comes in three different patterns. It also doesn’t have as much pockets and adjustable straps as BUBM’s, but we’ll see.

The material for this yoga mat bag is 100% vegan and environmentally friendly, thanks to being made out of man-made leather. Additionally, it seems like their main selling point is how “eye-catching” the design for the duffel bag is. Frankly, this makes us suspicious because you shouldn’t just focus on aesthetics.


Rating: 6/10


We could’ve rated it a bit higher but being made out of leather (even if it’s man-made) definitely puts it down a few notches, as it’s not exactly a breathable material that’s suitable for airing out a yoga mat. There are also negative reviews about how the patterns don’t look as well as they do online. It’s also not as durable and the straps can’t get adjusted compared to others in the market. Yes, it does have a decent size and all that, but with the negative stuff, we just can’t provide a higher rating.

But by all means, go ahead and purchase Kindfolk’s product if you’re inclined to, as it still have its nice points. This might be a decent gift for someone who is just starting out with yoga and if you have some extra cash to spare for him or her.

Kenzyo Yoga Mat Bag and Carrier - with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets, Adjustable Shoulder Strap,...
44 Reviews
Kenzyo Yoga Mat Bag and Carrier - with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets, Adjustable Shoulder Strap,...
Kenzyo is probably pretty confident enough with their product if they provide a 30-day money back guarantee and 2 years’ worth of warranty for people who purchase their product. Initially, we didn’t expect much from this product, but it only has 5-star ratings on Amazon, so we tried our best to find faults in it.

Well, it does have one—it only comes in one color way. But even that didn’t faze us, because it’s obvious from the photos alone that this yoga mat bag is well built and it does live up to all the hype that Kenzyo has done on the description page.


Rating: 10/10


If you comb through the 5-star reviews for Kenzyo’s yoga mat bag, you’ll find casual yogis to full-pledged yoga teachers singing praises for it. While it isn’t an expensive yoga bag, it looks like one and acts like one. Highly durable and made out of lightweight material, go get this one if you’re someone who goes to yoga on a daily basis.

Buying one also gives you two bonuses: a free ebook and a promo code for your next purchase with Kenzyo. Don’t you just love getting an affordable product and then getting more than what you initially got? The folks at this company know their stuff!

Yoga Mat Bag by NewK Yoga – Full Zip, Waterproof, Sling Bag with Expandable Pockets – Fits All...
70 Reviews
Yoga Mat Bag by NewK Yoga – Full Zip, Waterproof, Sling Bag with Expandable Pockets – Fits All...
NewK Yoga’s yoga mat bag is made out of “durable, waterproof 300 D polyester” and for some reason, made it seem like it’s better than 100% cotton, only to find out that their product’s inner lining is indeed made out of cotton. It’s not exactly a bad thing, but it certainly is a bit confusing for us.

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this yoga mat bag is the fact that it’s really, really orange. Well, it’s better to have that color instead of something muted, as it will help you stand out better, no?


Rating: 9/10


We’re a bit heartbroken to give it a less than perfect rating, as NewK Yoga did something right with this product, but we’ve seen a couple reviews about how the straps have snapped of after a few days of use. Could just be a factory defect, but it will still put a dent on a product’s reputation. And we love NewK Yoga’s policy of refunding or replacing orders with no questions asked.

However, it’s still a pretty solid product. The package not only comes with the yoga mat bag itself, but it also has a free fabric drawstring bag, a wristband, and a free ebook. For something that costs barely $16, it sure does come packed with a punch.

Meru Lite-Gear Yoga Mat Bag, Crossbody Carrier Sling Bag with Water Bottle Holder. Fits All Sized...
36 Reviews
Meru Lite-Gear Yoga Mat Bag, Crossbody Carrier Sling Bag with Water Bottle Holder. Fits All Sized...
Meru’s yoga mat bag isn’t exactly a “full-sized” product, but it can certainly fit your yoga mat regardless of how huge it is. It’s more of a hybrid between a harness and sling type and a duffel bag type of yoga mat bag, and that’s not exactly a bad thing if you think about it. This is perfect for folks who can’t be bothered to buy a separate bag for their bigger yoga mats—and honestly, it’s a smart idea to have a “one size fits all” kind of product.


Rating: 8/10


Meru’s yoga mat bag isn’t rated with a perfect 10 because it seems as if they skimped on one of the most important aspects: the straps. Frankly, it should be the first thing you should look at when purchasing a yoga mat bag, because it’s what touches your skin when you’re lugging around a fairly heavy yoga mat and other stuff. The material can be irritating or comfortable, depending on what you choose. Meru’s is made out of cheap material that might break easily, plus the water bottle holder won’t fit bigger ones. But hey, people are still singing it praises, so go ahead and buy one if you don’t mind the straps.

ASUTRA Compact Yoga Mat Bag with Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner - Dark Gray
256 Reviews
ASUTRA Compact Yoga Mat Bag with Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner - Dark Gray
Just like with Meru’s, Asutra’s yoga mat bag is also a cross between the harness and sling type and the duffel bag type. It can fit different sizes of yoga mats while at the same time, having extra pockets for you to hold some smaller stuff. It’s also made of 100% premium-grade cotton that’s easy to clean and is completely breathable.

However, aside from all of those, what should be the things to look out for with Asutra’s product? Their product description page seem to be a bit too good to be true.


Rating: 5/10


Aside from having a higher price point, there have been complaints about how the stitches get frayed easily, zippers not opening or closing, the bag being smaller than expected, and the straps not being adjusted properly. It’s so sad as it’s rated quite highly online, but there are just too many flaws to ignore any of it. This goes to show that you have to check out the reviews that are less than five stars to truly find out what a product is like. We’re on the fence about recommending people to purchase this, but if it worked for some people, then it might work for you as well—just don’t say that we didn’t warn you about the possible pitfalls of getting one.

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag (Extra Large) 'Compact' with Pocket, Fit 15mm Yoga Mat Size, 29' Long, Easy...
537 Reviews
YogaAddict Yoga Mat Bag (Extra Large) 'Compact' with Pocket, Fit 15mm Yoga Mat Size, 29" Long, Easy...
YogaAddict’s yoga mat bag only comes in solid colors, but it’s better to have these kinds of choices compared to only having one option for style and color. The standard size comes in 9 colors, and the larger size comes in five colors.

It’s quite simple compared to the others on this list, only coming with an expandable compartment, not extra pockets. This yoga mat bag is made out of 100% polyester, so it won’t be as breathable, but thanks to a few eyelet holes on the bag, may have enough to air out a yoga mat after a session.


Rating: 7/10


The zippers are poorly made and the material isn’t as good as expected. The strap will also begin to break away from the bag itself after a few months of use. Sadly, YogaAddicts product isn’t as durable as we’d like it to be. It’s still more expensive compared to a couple of the ones rated 10 on this list. On the other hand, it still has a bunch of 5-star reviews, so if you don’t mind the minor flaws and complaints, then you’re free to purchase the product, especially if you’re looking for something that could fit a bigger yoga mat.

BalanceFrom BFGYFM6BLK Goyoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets
420 Reviews
BalanceFrom BFGYFM6BLK Goyoga Full Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Bag with Multi-Functional Storage Pockets
From yoga mat bags that don’t have a lot of pockets and space, we’re coming back to one that’s been praised for having enough real estate for extra stuff to lug to the gym. It still doesn’t have a ton of pockets, but space is enough.

The product is made out of 100% cotton, making it lightweight and pretty durable. It comes in three different colors and has a simple illustration of a tree on the front. Plus, the strap is adjustable, which is a plus point, considering that we’ve had strap issues with the other ones. But how does it exactly fare according to purchasers?


Rating: 6/10


There are some pretty horrible reviews about how the product came to them dirty or in a less then ideal condition. There also seems to be a sizing issue with this, as some have complained about it being too small, while others say it’s too big. So, which really is it? We prefer yoga mat bags and other yoga products that have ample consistency and guarantee customer satisfaction, and BalanceFrom definitely did not deliver in that aspect. It’s just confusing to read conflicting reviews about how the quality is excellent for some, while for others it’s horrendous. Maybe the company should look into their factory before shipping out products?

We would have rated it lower had it not been for the reviews that praise it for having a lot of space and pockets for their extra stuff. And hey, at $16.65, maybe don’t expect too much?

Did you benefit from this article? Did I miss anything? Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated – please post in the comments and I will personally respond!

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