Do you love the idea of becoming a yogi, but haven’t made the push to try it out? Or are you a seasoned Yogi looking for a high-quality resource to help you make mindful purchasing decisions to aid your practice?

Whatever the case, Got Yoga was built to help yogis of all ages, levels, races, abilities, and genders explore the transformative power of yoga.

My name is Marcus Stone. Welcome to my blog! I have always wanted to help others access the hidden treasures yoga can bring, and I am so excited to use Got Yoga as an outlet for this. I want people to know that yoga is for everyone – no matter your race, gender, age, or physical ability. I want to show people how yoga is closely connected to your physical and mental health, and can result in both immediate satisfaction as well as lasting transformation. For me, yoga has been a life-long journey towards self discovery and self improvement.



marcus stone

Our Editor-in-Chief

Marcus Stone is the Editor-in-Chief of Got Yoga. In 2010 Marcus received his Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. It wasn’t long after graduating that he decided to pursue his love of yoga and traveled to Rishikesh, India to complete his RYS 500 Yoga Teacher training.

Today Marcus is a full-time yoga teacher and enjoys exploring the never-ending journey of yoga through the Got Yoga blog. His goal through his classes and Got Yoga is to help people from all walks of life access the hidden treasures yoga can bring to their lives.

To speak with Marcus directly contact him via email at or follow him on Twitter at

About Got Yoga—What to Expect

Got Yoga has one focus—to help you expand your yoga journey. We believe that Yoga provides long-lasting physical and mental benefits, and with the right tools and resources, you can take your yoga journey to the next level.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the most comprehensive online resource that includes the latest guides, tips, and yoga related news. On our site, you’ll find a variety of yoga hacks to make your practice easier, more enjoyable, and more beneficial.

One of our highlights is our 3D Yoga Poses page. We use 3D models to show you precisely how each pose should look—even if you’re not quite there yet. By using these models as a guide, you have a goal to shoot for and can compare your progress through your journey.

Another unique feature we offer is our in-depth up-to-date articles and resources. Everything on our site is verified by Marcus before it’s posted, so it comes with the recommendation of a real yoga instructor.

We also offer extensive product comparison and reviews, so you always know what products are best for your practice.

And if you want to go even further, we’re also offering a FREE yoga course for those who sign up via email. Learn insider tips to improve your practice with this free course.

Our Mission, Values & Promises

Our mission is simple, to be the most comprehensive yoga resource on the internet.

Our values guide our business. We value integrity, growth, and connection, and infuse these values into our business in every way we can.

We promise that the products, resources, and tips we provide are given with the intention to help you get what you want from your yoga journey.

Learn, Grow, and Maximize Your Practice with Got Yoga

To us, yoga is a treasure trove of untold blessings and benefits for those who practice. But every journey requires a roadmap. We want to be your roadmap. No matter who you are, yoga can provide immediate satisfaction and lasting transformation for your life. So, the question is, do you “Got Yoga?”

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