Interested in finding the best free yoga apps on the market for 2017? You’re not alone.

Yoga still continues to be one of the go-to workouts by Americans as of 2017, with almost 40 million being active with it, and even many more who are interested in attempting to get into it at one point in their lives.

No matter what you want to achieve, a few minutes of yoga per day is guaranteed to provide you with excellent benefits.

If you’re really keen on doing yoga with the help of technology or maybe just to motivate you to do it regularly, here are some of the best free (and freemium) yoga apps available for iOS and Android devices right now (current for 2017):

Top Free Yoga Apps For 2017 Studio

$3.99 for iOS devices, Free with in-app purchases for Android devices
yogacom studio appThe description for the Studio app brags about how more than 7 million techies have downloaded and used it. If you’re someone who prefers learning by visual aids or doing as your instructor does, this application is perfect for that but you can do it from within the four walls of your house. The app has HD videos that showcase almost 400 yoga poses and breathing exercises in their library. If you’re an aspiring yogi, you can add your own poses and even create your own custom programs.

There’s something that can suit the tastes of different yoga practitioners of varying levels with this app, as there are 37 yoga programs available on it. It also has 3D muscle images to give you a better understanding of the poses. The app also gives you an option to interact with a community of other yoga enthusiasts and share custom programs with them. You can also use the in-app calendar to schedule and track your workouts.

Global Yoga Academy

Free with in-app purchases for iOS devices
global yoga academy appGlobal Yoga Academy has beginner to advanced classes that range from 5 minutes to a full hour, so you really don’t have any reason to not do yoga during your spare time. You have the freedom of customization for your settings and the program, as well as track your fitness progress. The library alone has 200 poses and the app developers has added the option of letting you ask questions or interact with other yogis through their community. You can also download classes for when you’re travelling but still want to do yoga, or when you don’t have internet access. Another great thing about this app is that they have separate meditation classes if you’re not feeling like stretching your body on some days. It’s one of the most extensive apps out there that provides detailed instructions along with health benefits for each pose. The app also comes with its own ambient music, a scheduler for your classes, and other articles that can help with your routine. The basic beginner classes and pose guides come for free, but if you’re looking to do the more advanced routines and have the custom class designer, you’re going to need to pay for a premium subscription.


5 Minute Yoga

Free for iOS devices
5 minute yoga appFrom the name alone, you probably already have an idea that 5 Minute Yoga is looking to assist you in doing fast workouts that get the job done that are just amazing for beginners. The poses have detailed descriptions and a demo image to give you an idea on how to do the proper posture for each pose. There’s also a timer within the app to help keep you track of time, and guarantees that each pose can be done within 5 minutes. These exercises are really that simple and can be done whenever you have a spare 5 minutes or so that can be spent in strengthening you body, de-stress, and be flexible.


FitStar Yoga

Free with in-app purchases for iOS devices
fitstar yoga appWith FitStar Yoga, you’ll have Tara Stiles coaching you without needing to be with her inside a yoga studio. By shelling out some extra $$$ for premium access, you’ll be get new workouts on a regular basis every month and even get personalized feedback on how you’re progressing. Just like with a personal trainer, you can have your own specifications to reach your goals, depending on your skills and how much time you can spare for yoga. FitStar Yoga can also be connected to a myriad of fitness trackers like the Health app and will allow you to get rewards by giving you access to new poses and let you earn badges as you go.


Daily Yoga

Free with in-app purchases for both iOS and Android devices
daily yoga appDaily Yoga will encourage you to incorporate yoga with your day-to-day activities. The app has daily programs that cater to both beginner and advanced yoga practitioners. Daily Yoga also allows you to set goals for yourself, such as getting leaner and more toner or to be a master meditator. The app doesn’t just present you with yoga routines, it also mixes things up by combining yoga with other fitness regimens such as Pilates and HIIT. New workouts are added every month, giving you the option to put your personal preferences into the program and watch things like your calorie intake to help you achieve your personal goal. If you’re one who likes to interact with other users, Daily Yoga has a dedicated global community that encourages users to partake in their weekly activities to motivate everybody to get great results. Another great thing about this? All of the workouts on the app are under 30 minutes, which makes it perfect for those who are pressed for time. You can find 50 classes that are sorted depending on the target body part such as the back, butt, the pectorals, or the abs, and depending on your yoga skills. If you want to skip a sequence or don’t want to do a pose, you can just tap the images on the right side of the screen.

Simply Yoga

Free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android devices
simply yoga appEverybody who’s done yoga knows that it can be a bit overwhelming to join a class in a studio. If you’re not that keen on being with other people, Simply Yoga is here to help by providing you access to experts’ videos that will demonstrate how to do about 30 poses and how to make the most out of each one. There are three pre-determined routines that last for 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and an hour, along with an audio guide. If you’re itching to do more, you can buy the full app and level up to more advanced routines. You can also link Simply Yoga to the Health app on the iOS to track the calories that you’ve burned while doing the workouts.


Beautiful Belly Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Free for iOS devices for the first trimester; $4.99 for each additional trimester, $10.99 for the entire bundle
Having a baby in your belly doesn’t mean you have to stop being fit. Renowned yoga instructor, Briohny Smyth, will guide you through 12 parts of yoga routines with three high definition video sessions to cater to each trimester of pregnancy. There’s also a weekly practice calendar to fit your schedule until you give birth. It also includes a routine for the “fourth” trimester of pregnancy aka post-pregnancy to help yogis become less sore and to rebuild strength after giving birth. Think your iPhone or iPad doesn’t have enough screen space? The app can be hooked up to your TV via AirPlay, Chromecast, Roku, or other supported devices. The first trimester on the app is free, but you can purchase each additional trimester for $4.99 and the whole bundle for $10.99

DailyBurn Yoga

Free for the first 30 days on iOS and Android devices
DailyBurn Yoga’s 2-month program is designed for yogis who want to maintain their fitness and increase their flexibility. If you want to move on from the typical vinyasa flows into different levels and kinds of training, this app is for you. It integrates yoga with kettle bell workouts, high intensity interval training routines, and more within the app.

YogaGlo Offline Viewing App

Free for the first 15 days on iOS and Android devices
If you’re planning a trip to an exotic place and want to unplug but still want to do yoga, you can use YogaGlo’s option to download your favorite routines for offline viewing. You’ll be getting lessons from renowned yogis such as Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, and Dice Iida-Klein on the YogaGlo app. Each account can download up to ten videos, which is probably enough to keep your yoga cravings at bay while you’re on vacation.

Down Dog

Free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android devices
If you’re tired of the same-old routines and sequences of your usual yoga regimen, Down Dog will help you get around that issue by providing you with new vinyasa yoga sequences each time you want a workout. The app gives users the freedom to choose their preferred level of difficulty, their pace, and the allotted time for each workout. This information will also be used by the app to create a new sequence tailored to each user. Every sequence comes attached with instructions and ambient music. The app is free to use, but if you make an additional payment, you can use premium features and extra content, as well as support the app developer in your own way.


Free with in-app purchases for iOS devices
iYoga+ is simple and straightforward and isn’t as frilly as other yoga apps out there, so it’s quite surprising that the app has video streaming and numerous informative articles on various yoga poses. The articles contain information on the etymology of pose names, benefits, precautions, as well as dedicated video clips for each. In addition to all of that, you can do eight different routines that vary in difficulty that you stream and follow as you go. In-app purchases will allow you to download the videos directly instead of streaming, and provide additional premium routines.

Universal Breathing – Pranayama Free

Free with a $4.99 fee for premium features on iOS and Android devices
Controlled and mindful breathing is pretty important to yoga as it goes hand in hand with stretching routines. Universal Breathing — Pranayama aims to teach pranayama or aka the calming style of breathing through the diaphragm. The free version of the app gives a basic form of the course with short exercises and timer plus an animated guide. Users have the ability to track their progress, customize sessions, and learn more about the technique. A one-time $4.99 payment will allow you to gain access to more advanced routines as well as more customization options for sessions.

Yoga 8

Free for iOS devices
If you’re a beginner who can’t be bothered with the more advanced terms and techniques of yoga, you can just let Yoga 8 handle it for you. It’s chockfull of step-by-step guides that come with straightforward descriptions of each pose to make things easier for you. Some workouts even have voiceover directions and simple poses if you’re intimidated by the more advanced ones. The app can even be synced with your device’s Health to help you count the calories you’re burning.

Sworkit Lite

Free with in-app purchases for iOS devices
The lite version of the Sworkit app already has enough features to help get your feet wet with yoga. It can actually act as your very own trainer, thanks to video demos from international yoga trainers. There are about 160 exercises on the app, but you still have the freedom to customize your own or target a specific body part that you want to work on.

Gain Yoga

Free for iOS devices
Gain Yoga has high definition images of each pose to provide you with ideas on how to do the poses that are required in each exercise. You’ll be getting warm-up exercises and core yoga poses within the app itself, along with specialized customizations for your workout. You can sync the Health app with Gain Yoga to count calories as well.

Yoga for Beginners

Free for iOS devices
If you want to experience a higher level of concentration, then yoga should be your best bet and you’d want to start as soon as possible. One of the first apps you should download is Yoga for Beginners. It has different variations of asanas that come with video demos from yogis to give you perfect samples of how to do each asana for your workout. You can opt to stream the videos directly from the app or download them for offline use later on.


Free for iOS devices
YogaTailor is a great app for those who want something that they can use from the beginning up until they’ve become experts in yoga. There are also special workouts for pregnant moms and those who suffer from back pain. The programs are tailored to the preference of a user and progresses based on how they’ve adapted to the routine. The app provides videos with voiceover instructions to guide you.

10 Daily Yoga Poses

Free for Android devices
10 Daily Yoga Poses is one of the top yoga apps on the Google Playstore because it helps users incorporate yoga to their daily routines with little exercises and poses. You can adjust the app to match your own pace and with baby steps, you can achieve something greater in the long run.

Yoga for Super Weight Loss

Free for Android devices
It contains 39 exercises and poses that work on all muscle groups of your body to provide quick results. All of the exercises have detailed instructions (video, audio, and text!) to help keep you focused on your goal. You have the freedom to customize your workout and how long you’ll be doing it, plus resting time.


Free for the first 35 sessions on iOS and Android devices, $1.99 for each additional class and $9.99 for the entire program
The app contains 275+ asanas and lets you customize each session along with letting you choose your own music for workouts. The app also has the capability to let you connect with other yogis who have the app. Your first 35 sessions are free and if you want to have more classes, you can purchase them for $1.99 each or $9.99 for the whole program.


Best Paid Yoga Apps


$1.99 for iOS devices
YogaCoach will be your personal yoga teacher. It’s a straightforward app and has pretty much the same as other apps, but with more details and the added bonus of coaching instructions during every set. It’s great for beginners but can also be useful even if you’re an advanced yogi.

Pocket Yoga

$2.99 for iOS and Android devices
pocket yoga appPocket Yoga comes with voice and video instructions to guide you through each pose and breathing technique. If you don’t enjoy the default app music, you can select your own and get the party started. The app has a library that contains 200 illustrated poses that will allow you to study and observe the correct form and positions for each one. They also have 27 programs that you can choose from depending on your preferred difficulty level. Not sure about what you want? You can preview a routine before attempting it. The app will track your progress and count the calories you’ve burned during sessions. The iOS app can work with any iOS device, so you can sync your progress through all of your gadgets for easy accessibility.

Yoga Studio

$4.99 for iOS devices
yoga studio appThe great thing about technology is that you can pretty much do anything now even when you’re on the go. Yoga is one of those activities and Yoga Studio is one of the apps that can make things easier. There are 70 preset programs within the app that vary in length, purpose, and level of difficulty. You can even create and record your own customized video classes in high definition. The app also has an extensive library of almost 300 poses (80 of those are free in the lite version, and the rest are included in the premium version) that can help you improve your yoga skills. The routines give you the option to use your own music and to only get detailed voice instructions or just a signal for when you’re supposed to change poses. All videos are available for download so you can practice while offline or hook up your device to your TV for a better yoga experience. Don’t like something? You can easily skip it. Additionally, you can schedule your classes just like with doing yoga at a studio.

Flying Therapeutics Acroyoga Beginners by Lorenzo Becchi

$9 for iOS devices
If you want to start doing yoga with a partner, Flying Therapeutics Acroyoga will help you get started with that. It’ll instruct you on how to do next-level yoga with your significant other or your best friend with detailed instructions on poses with the 50 high definition videos within the app and help you complete the three flows of Acroyoga: First Steps, Front Flow, and Back Flow.

Salute The Desk

$3.99 for iOS devices
An office job can be quite deadly because it leaves one stagnant and unhealthy. Luckily, there’s an app to help yoga enthusiasts do their poses from within their desk or office cubicle. You can give it a go to try and improve your posture and keep your body’s flexibility even if you’re a bit busy finishing a project.

Airplane Yoga

$1.99 for iOS devices
While not everyone can travel as frequently as they’d like, there are still those who need to ride planes on the regular but would still like to make use of their idle time during a flight for something productive. Enter Airplane Yoga. The app has 24 asanas and breathing techniques that come with complete instructions to keep you relaxed and stress-free during a flight.



If you’re really looking forward to filling your phone or your tablet with yoga-related apps, make sure you have at least these three installed: Studio, Global Yoga Academy, and FitStar Yoga. Studio is perfect if you’re more of a homebody because their library of HD videos will make it easier for you to follow instructions. Just simply hook up your device to your TV and work your muscles out on your living room floor. You also have the option to choose from 30 plus yoga programs to suit your goals and your skills. For Apple users, it’s worth the $3.99 and for Android users, go ahead and shell out for the in-app purchases. On a more honest note, interacting with the app’s dedicated online community is something that people can really do without, because there are probably a million other yoga forums online that serve the same purpose.

Global Yoga Academy is an app that’s exclusive to iOS users, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not as excellent as other yoga apps. What sets this app apart is that you can download the video tutorials from the app directly on your phone, making it easier for you to work out even if you’re on vacation or don’t have a stable internet connection. Just like with the Studio app, this one also has a dedicated community where you can ask questions or communicate with yogis—and honestly, it’s just not as awesome as knowing that you can do 5 to 60 minute yoga routines even if you’re in the middle of a vacation in the Maldives. Is it worth buying in-app purchases for? It totally depends on you. If you’re itching to access more features other than the ones that are already available for free, then go right ahead. You won’t regret it.

FitStar Yoga comes with the addition of Tara Stiles coaching you through your work out. While it’s not exactly a personal, one-on-one interaction with the renowned yogi, it’s still good to be motivated by someone other than yourself. The app will let you sync it with your iOS device’s Health app and frankly, even if we all know that digital badges don’t really matter, it’s still a great form of gratification and motivation to continue doing yoga. Also, the app strives hard to provide an “authentic” yoga experience by providing users with the freedom to customize their schedule and workouts depending on their personal needs. Cough up a few extra bucks and you’ll get an even more customized experience by getting personalized feedback from the FitStar Yoga team regarding your progress.

You don’t have to pay anything for those three apps to experience them (except for iOS users for Studio) but buying premium features can really help expand your yoga horizons further, albeit in a more digital way. You don’t need an app that crams so many features in it, you just need one that has what you want and won’t crash in the middle of a session. Those three are our top picks and we’re sure that you’re bound to get the most out of them as well.


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